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If in general 2013 was judged as an important vintage, Clara Monaci's Brunello is confirmed as a great wine...

The online magazine directed by Fernando Pardini has a positive opinion and it is coordinated by Riccardo Farchioni L'AcquaBuona, the periodical of food and wine culture founded in 1999 by Luca Bonci and Riccardo Farchioni .
"If in general 2013 was judged to be as an important year, Brunello by Clara Monaci is confirmed as a great wine Because it is an accorded composition, where the alcohol content is mitigated by the freshness of the background and a nice salty lapel stimulates its persistence, guaranteeing the wine expressiveness in full respect of the Proportions. At those latitudes is not so obvious, even more this is laudable."
What can we say? thank you for the compliments and we hope to continue in convincing you over the years!!!

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