How wine is made
From harvesting to bottling

Curiosity about wine 12 Oct 2020

In Italy, wine is one of the finest products exported all over the world for its qualitative characteristics. This is due to the presence of vines that breed in a suitable and optimal climate for this plant, throughout the Italian territory.

Have you ever wondered how wine is made? Let’s have a look.

Obviously, the care of the vines is the first step to grape production. During the year the vines undergo maintenance and sustenance processes aimed at producing optimal grape.

The harvest
Once the grape reaches the required ripeness, the harvest takes place. Harvesting can be manual or mechanical. Here, at La Corte dei Venti, we prefer manual harvesting which allows us to select the best grapes without damaging the plants.


The crushing
That moment when we press the grapes to extract the must, it’s obviously performed by a machine called a destemmer, once it was a manual work.

The pressing
After the first crushing, there is a pressing process in which the berries are completely squeezed and compacted to extract all the residual juice (once again this was a manual work using a press) and the extracted must is collected in large containers called wine vats.

The vinification
Now, the must rests and ferments in the cellars (the sugar becomes ethanol) for several days, undergoing a process that transforms it into wine.

The racking
Thanks to this process, the wine that has undergone vinification is filtered and moved into large steel or different material barrels waiting for the next step.


The refinement
The wine completes all its processes with the refinement, now it's drinkable. Depending on the type of wine, the refinement is longer or shorter and barrels can be different, for example, Brunello di Montalcino Corte dei Venti must be aged for 5 years in addition to 4/6 months in the bottle before marketing it with this name.

Bottling is the last stage before marketing the wine. The wine is refiltered and then bottled where it continues its aging process until it reaches our tables.

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